European Concepts

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 Mercedes Maybach Concept

 The Mercedes Maybach concept is very heavy, but also very powerful. The interior is coated in technologies. The Vision Mercedes-Maybach is almost six meters long, an imperious looking, super-swoopy coupe that takes its cue from epic 1930s Mercedes models like the SSK and 540K.           

                The Bmw Vision Next 100

The bmw Vision Next 100 is a very innovative concept that uses a very differant design to steer. Like other luxury concepts it is quite luxurious inside. The car has self driving technologies that allows you to have complete safety. It has a fierce look to that looks quite good. Unlike the mercedes, the BMW vision is not that long.

The Porsche Mission E

Unlike the other German concepts the Porsche Mission E is a sports performance sedan, like other Porsches ,this concept has the design Porsche is famous for. Uniquely this is a full electric car, this is a very differant approach than what Porsche always does. It also makes the car an enviromentally friendly car