The Trombone

My favorite Instrument

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The trombone is a great intrument, it has a great sound, that is why I play it. The trombone started it's life in Belguim during the 15th century, until probably 1700 it was named the sackbutt. It was also the 15th century development of the trumpet.During the 17th century. The early trombones were only for church music.The addition to the trombone in the orchestra started in the 18th century. During the mid 19th century, the bell became larger and the brass intrument became louder, which allowed it to enter the band.

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The trombone consists of 2 separate pieces. One of them is made up of the mouthpiece, the cylindrical bore and the bell.Another one is a U-shaped slide that can be moved toward and away from the player.The slide, which performs the notes and positions to create the music functions using something called valves also used in other brass instruments, is capable of producing a smooth "glissando" by a sliding movement.


These are the nice sounds

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